Translation Agency – About Us

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«Amber Translatørbyrå» is a small but strongly dedicated translation agency based in Northern Norway. In 2012 our Polish office moved to Norway so i January 2022 we are celebrating 10 years in on the Norwegian translation market!

We deliver both ordinary and government authorized (certified) translations to our clients in Norway, Poland and other countries. You can see some of our clients under References.

Certified translations between Polish and Norwegian as well as Polish and English delivered by our agency are recognized by courts, lawyers, and all the public institutions in Norway, Poland and many other european countries.

The owner of the agency is a government authorized (certified) translator (pic) between Norwegian and Polish and between English and Polish with 20 years` experience and the translation business. Her name is listed on the official government translators` list in Poland as well as on the official Norwegian page.

«Amber Translatørbyrå»  delivers translations in the following language pairs:

Polish – Norwegian (ordinary and certified translation)
Norwegian – Polish (ordinary and certified translation)
English – Polish (ordinary and certified translation)
Polish – English (ordinary and certified translation)
Norwegian – English (ordinary translation)
English – Norwegian (ordinary translation)
You can easily order translation of your document(s) on our Contact page or check our price list on the Price list page.

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