Government Authorised Translator

The owner of Amber Translatørbyrå, a translation agency from Norway, is a government authorized (certified) translator between Norwegian and Polish and English and Polish with 20 years` experience and M.Sc. in English from the Polish University. Her name is to be found on the official government translators` list in Poland https://www.gov.pl/web/sprawiedliwosc/tlumacze-przysiegli as well as on the official Norwegian list: http://www.translatorportalen.com/. The list are widely used by courts, lawyers, public institutions as well as private companies and individual clients.

Emilia Pesla is a highly qualified translator with double authorization (both Norwegian and Polish) which is unique on the Norwegian market. Due to that the process, using any official couments in both these countries is much less complicated as they are recognized and accepted in both Norway and Poland, as well as many other european countries.

«Amber Translatørbyrå»  delivers translations in the following language pairs:
Polish – Norwegian (ordinary and certified translation)
Norwegian – Polish (ordinary and certified translation)
English – Polish (ordinary and certified translation)
Polish – English (ordinary and certified translation)
Norwegian – English (ordinary translation)
English – Norwegian (ordinary translation)
You can easily order translation of your document(s) on our Contact page or check our price list on the Price list page.

Why do we translate into Norwegian, English and Polish?

Norwegian – Norways official language,
English – a widely used international language recognized in most of the Norwegian institutions
Polish – used by the biggest immigrant group in Norway as for 1.1 2021.

We want to focus on our three languages of choice in stead of a wide variety of languages as most of the other agencies do, in order to ensure:

• the highest quality of translations,
• focus on the ongoing language changes, and
• a reliable, fast and transparent customer service
• that you always meet the same person answering your enquiries
• that you get exactly the same translator for your documents as you are a returning customer.


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